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Ways to Give

While the Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases is supported by a combination of public and private funds, shrinking government funding is not available for our most dynamic and exciting projects. In order to continue to affect real change in neurodegenerative disease research, private support for the IND is now more important than ever.

Please consider a gift to support the intellectual talent, technological tools and innovative research that have the potential to help revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. Private donations can take several forms.

Outright Gifts

You may make a commitment to the IND and fund it with cash, credit card, securities, real estate or other assets. Outright gifts offer the distinct advantage of being immediately available to assist the IND in its programs.


A pledge demonstrates your intention to make a gift to the IND. It may allow you to give more generously over a period of time than would be possible through a single contribution. You can pledge any amount and arrange to fulfill your pledge in installments over the course of one or more years.

Planned Gifts

You can support the IND by arranging for a gift through a trust, bequest, charitable gift annuity or other planned giving options. Each type of planned gift has its advantages. Some provide income for life for a donor or loved one. Others result in an immediate tax deduction or a reduction in capital gains tax.


You may provide for the IND in your will or living trust, and thus assure a legacy that lasts beyond your lifetime.

Matching Gifts

You may leverage your own giving if your employer offers a gift-matching program. You would be credited for the full amount (legal credit for your donation and soft credit for your employer’s matching gift). Your employer would also receive recognition.

Named Endowments

Gifts to the endowment provide an enduring, visible way to sponsor a particular area of research. They give our scientists the freedom to pursue their search for cures for neurodegenerative diseases. They also allow the University to keep its place at the forefront of research by attracting the most distinguished faculty. This gives us the financial security we need to:

  • Attract and retain a world-class faculty that leads the way in neurodegenerative research
  • Maintain extraordinary research programs that redefine how problems are approached and solved
  • Speed laboratory discoveries into new clinical therapies
  • Provide educational opportunities sought by students around the world
  • Furnish our scientists with the state-of-the-art equipment they need to continue to make new discoveries.

A strong endowment ensures a steady and bright future for the IND at UCSF. Please visit our endowed gifts page to learn more. 

We appreciate your support of the Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases and are confident a commitment today holds immense promise for the breakthroughs that are so urgently needed. We can work with you to find the solution that best meets your philanthropic needs and intentions.

For more information, please contact:

Michael Faber
Associate Vice Chancellor, University Development & Alumni Relations
University of California, San Francisco


Endowed Gifts

Gifts to the endowment provide an enduring, visible way to sponsor a particular area of research.