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Jay Conrad, PhD

Jay Conrad

Jay Conrad, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Neurology

Dr. Conrad earned his undergraduate degree at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax. His PhD work was completed at the University of Ottawa, where he studied olefin metathesis reactions with Dr. Deryn Fogg. As an NSERC postdoctoral scholar, he then moved to Princeton University to the lab of Dr. David MacMillan. There he worked on the development of new enantioselective organocatalytic reactions with applications for the synthesis of complex natural products and drug-like molecules. His interest in catalysis also led him to become involved in the setup and operation of the Merck Center for Catalysis at Princeton University. In 2011 he joined the startup company Chiromics, and as the director of synthetic services, he led drug discovery and development projects. In 2014, Dr. Conrad moved to Onyx Pharmaceuticals to develop medicinal chemistry for novel oncology targets.

Dr. Conrad joined the IND in September 2015 to develop small molecules that will solve unmet medical needs in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.