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Ben Tang, PhD

Ben Tang

Ben Tang, PhD

Associate Adjunct Professor
Department of Neurology

Dr. Tang received his PhD in chemical and biomolecular engineering from Johns Hopkins University, where he developed biodegradable drug-loaded nanoparticles that penetrate the mucus barrier to deliver therapeutics to underlying tissues in the laboratory of Dr. Justin Hanes. After his graduate work, he completed his postdoctoral fellowship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the laboratories of Dr. Robert Langer and Dr. Daniel Anderson, where he developed glucose-responsive materials and systems for diabetes management, from improved delivery of insulin to novel materials that are able to continuously monitor glucose. Prior to joining the IND, Dr. Tang supported early discovery and developed assays to understand the disposition of novel therapeutic modalities in the Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism Group at Amgen.

Throughout his career, Dr. Tang has studied and developed novel approaches to modulate and improve pharmacokinetics and biodistribution of various therapeutics, from small molecules to biologics. To support these efforts, he also established new disease models that better represent human disease physiology to evaluate innovative drug-delivery strategies.

Dr. Tang joined the IND in 2017, where he is leading a pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism group to aid in the selection and evaluation of molecules designed to cure neurodegenerative disease.