Senior Veterinary Nurse – Prusiner Lab

Senior Veterinary Nurse – Prusiner Lab


Job Summary

The purpose of this position is to assist the facility veterinarians design and implement a strong veterinary care program at UCSF’s Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases (IND) Animal Facility and to keep good documentation of this care. The Senior Veterinary Nurse will work closely with other full-time veterinary nurses in making sure that all animals in the colony are attended to in a timely and effective manner. 

At the request of and under the supervision from the facility veterinarians, this person will take the lead in executing all appropriate animal care policies and regulations that cover the animal care program at the IND Animal Facility.  This person is expected to take lead in identifying and coordinating animal handling, manipulation, and care training sessions for the animal facility. In addition, the individual is expected to be a key liaison between the IND Animal Facility and the IND scientific investigators, answering queries regarding animal health in a timely and effective manner.  

The Senior Veterinary Nurse will be working closely with other animal health technicians in managing clinical cases and updating records for animals needing medical treatment, undergoing surgery or experimental procedures. This person will be involved in all aspects of the animal care and use program at the animal facility. This includes overseeing daily health monitoring of all animals in the colony, performing treatments, leading daily neurological diagnoses of animals (training will be provided,) preparing reports for leadership, importation and exportation of animals, maintenance of the sentinel program, documentation and collection of samples to submit for infectious disease testing and surveillance, and working closely with the veterinarians to make sure that husbandry and experimental practices are executed efficiently and in accordance with all institutional rules and pertinent state and federal regulations.

The Senior Veterinary Nurse will assist our facility veterinarians in:

  1. Guaranteeing that all Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) protocols remain up-to-date and are easy to use and understand by the animal care staff and investigators.
  2. Preparing animal-use reports for the facility veterinarians and IND leadership.
  3. Maintaining a well-stocked supply of surgical, medical equipment, and veterinary medicines.
  4. Assisting with the pertinent documentation relating to animal procedures as determined by the facility veterinarians.
  5. Documenting all parameters that are relevant for successful inspections by our accrediting agencies, including AAALACi, USDA, CDC, and NIH.
  6. Guaranteeing that all HPAF Standard Operating Procedures up-to-date.
  7. Guaranteeing experiments are concluded with correct samples collected.
  8. Preparing reports aimed at succinctly and clearly communicating the most common clinical conditions and most effective interventions.
  9. Performing or assisting experimental procedures such as inoculations, survival surgeries, and other standard techniques such as injection administration, necropsies, tissue collection, and phlebotomy on animals. 

Work Location: San Francisco, CA

Department Description

The Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases (IND) at UCSF is pursuing a cutting-edge blend of basic science and clinical medicine to provide outstanding care to those suffering from neurodegenerative diseases. Founded in 1999, the IND is committed to creating therapeutics that will halt diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and dementia resulting from traumatic brain injuries. The IND is poised to make serious contributions to this struggle at the frontier of neuroscience and medicine. The mission of the Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases is to discover causes and develop cures for these illnesses with an innovative program of basic research and clinical medicine.

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