IND Researchers Part of Newly Launched "Psychiatric Cell Map Initiative"

The mission of the Psychiatric Cell Map Initiative (PCMI) is to bridge the gap between the genome and clinic in the field of neuropsychiatric disorder research by systematically mapping the physical and genetic interaction networks underlying these disorders, including autism spectrum disorders, Tourette disorder, epilepsy, intellectual disability, and schizophrenia. This will form a key resource for precision medicine.

NIH funds UCSF-led initiative to chart a course toward new psychiatric drugs

By Dana Smith (UCSF News)

Scientists have struggled for decades to crack the code of psychiatric disorders, but advances in understanding the biology of these conditions have not led to a successful new therapy in 70 years. The drugs that exist for diagnoses like schizophrenia, depression, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are blunt, imprecise tools that do not address the full range of symptoms and often do not bring adequate relief.

But while psychiatric drug research has stagnated, and the pharmaceutical industry has largely abandoned its search for the next Prozac, research on the genetics of these disorders has blossomed.

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