Audible and Paperback Release of Madness and Memory

Did you get your copy yet?

Madness and Memory is now out on paperback and audiobook. The paperback is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Yale University Press, and other online retailers, or if you prefer to listen or are a subscriber, get the audiobook at Audible—released today!

Listen to an excerpt narrated by award-winning Audible narrator and performer, Joe Barrett.


About Madness and Memory, Dr. Prusiner's first-person scientific history of his discovery of prions, courtesy of Yale University Press:

“In his memoir Madness and Memory, Dr. Stanley Prusiner, IND Director and 1997 Nobel laureate, tells the remarkable story of his discovery of prions—infectious proteins that replicate and cause disease but surprisingly contain no genetic material—and reveals how superb and meticulous science is actually practiced with talented teams of researchers who persevere...."