Amanda Woerman, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology

Amanda Woerman completed her PhD in Molecular Medicine in 2013 at the George Washington University in Washington, DC. Under the direction of Dr. David Mendelowitz, she designed the first animal model of perinatal exposure to the air pollutant sulfur dioxide and identified the mechanism by which it produces tachycardia and cardiovascular disease.

In July 2013, Dr. Woerman joined the Prusiner laboratory as a postdoctoral fellow with an interest in studying chronic traumatic encephalopathy, as well as other tauopathies, in rodent models. Expanding on her initial interests, Dr. Woerman developed cellular assays for characterizing tau and α-synuclein prions in human diseases, and has applied these approaches to improving animal models of neurodegenerative disease. In May 2016, she was appointed Assistant Adjunct Professor in the IND.

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