Paul Schnier, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Neurology

Dr. Schnier received his undergraduate degree in mathematics from SUNY-Binghamton. He then joined the lab of Dr. Evan Williams in the College of Chemistry at UC Berkeley where he developed mass spectrometric tools to elucidate the gas-phase structure of biomolecules and macromolecular complexes. After completing his PhD in physical chemistry, he joined the organic and biological mass spectrometry group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 1998 as a postdoctoral fellow. In 1999, Dr. Schnier joined the discovery analytical chemistry group at Wyeth in Pearl River, New York. There he was responsible for the structural characterization of natural products, synthetic molecules, and protein-drug complexes. In 2002, Dr. Schnier moved to Amgen in Thousand Oaks, California, where he managed a team of multidisciplinary scientists in the areas of analytical chemistry, mass spectrometry, biophysics, and NMR. His team developed new methodologies for the structural characterization of noncovalent complexes, drug binding site-mapping, and structural fingerprinting of heterogeneous protein therapeutics.

Dr. Schnier joined the Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases from Genentech in 2016. He has a range of research interests in drug discovery, biophysics, and mass spectrometry. The focus of his research program at the IND is on the development of new biophysics tools to help identify molecules that disrupt pathways involved in neurodegenerative disease and investigate the mechanism of action of drug candidates.

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