Nawei Sun, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar, Willsey Lab

Nawei Sun has a BS in Biotechnology from Jilin University of China,and has recently completed a PhD in Genetics at Rutgers University. With a decade of research experience, ranging from investigations of cancer cell line stability, to differentiation of iPSCs, Dr. Sun’s doctoral research has focused on uncovering the genetic etiology and neurobiology of Tourette’s disorder. Utilizing her expertise in stem cell biology, molecular genetics, and neurobiology, she has performed whole exome sequencing to identify Tourette disorder associate sequence variants, generated iPSC lines and used transcriptome analysis to identify affected biological pathways, and leveraged this data to uncover possible molecular and cellular phenotypes. In the Willsey Lab, Nawei will continue her cutting edge research, leading our efforts to utilize iPSCs to better understand autism spectrum disorder and other neurodevelopment disorders.

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