Kampmann Lab’s CRISPulator Aids Design of Genetic Screens


CRISPR-based genetic screens are a powerful technology to elucidate disease mechanisms and identify potential therapeutic strategies. However, the experimental design of a successful screen remains a challenge. Graduate student Tamas Nagy and IND faculty Dr. Martin Kampmann developed a simulation tool for these screens, termed CRISPulator, which helps researches to optimize the experimental parameters of different types of CRISPR-based screens. CRISPulator helped to uncover new rules for optimal screen design. The research was published in an article in BMC Bioinformatics: Nagy T and Kampmann M (2017) CRISPulator: A discrete simulation tool for pooled genetic screens. BMC Bioinformatics 18: 347.

The software is freely available online at http://crispulator.ucsf.edu.